Papers in progress

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KNowing and understanding your privilege

It's sometimes supposed that it's impossible for people of privilege to understand the experiences of those less privileged. What does "understanding" mean here, and how might imagination help the privileged achieve it?

just my imagination running away with me?

There's a confusing set of thoughts and intuitions in the imagination literature concerning exactly how much control we have over what we imagine, and what we should say about cases where we fail to control it. This paper attempts to make sense of that confusion.

Why I-states?

Trying to get to grips with the relation between imaginings (i-beliefs and the like) and imagination more widely considered.

natural beauty and human beauty

Philosophers of natural beauty have surprisingly little to say about human beauty, given that humans are natural beings. What should they say? What does the answer to that question tell us about views of natural beauty?

Imagination and literature

An attempt to reconcile the general intuition that imagination has something to do with literature with the fairly convincing recent arguments that the Waltonian approach to explaining that something doesn't work.

talking about consent

An argument to the effect that, if we want the notion that governs the ethics of sex to promote good sex, we ought to stop talking about consent, and start talking about enthusiasm instead.


POA graffito

in limbo

Full drafts awaiting radical overhauls.

natural beauty and the standard of taste

An examination of what Hume might have said about natural beauty, and how his putative view fits into the current debate.

can you hallucinate missing shades?

An argument that you can't.